In which Vagabond City talks books, because #NationalBookLoversDay

rachel [4:21 PM]  
hey @channel – since it’s national book lovers day, can we do a thing to share everyone’s favorite books?

chelsea [4:25 PM]  
It’s so hard to choose though!


abby [4:27 PM]  
The Virgin Suicides, And the Mountains Echoed, andddd Pride & Prejudice. @cardle you’re right so hard to choose

chelsea [4:34 PM]  
The Kingkiller Chronicles (this is a series) by Patrick Rothfuss, but if you want one book from the series, I guess A Wise Man’s Fear was better. Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann, and The Short-timers by Gustav Hasford

But also, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard and Things That Are by Amy Leach

chelsea [4:36]
Oh wait, and also Breakfast at Tiffanys by Truman Capote


rachel [4:36 PM]
i am so loving this

chelsea [4:38 PM]
Sorry, I didn’t follow the rules. Woops

rachel [4:39 PM]
haha no this is great! so many things to read now

jess [4:40 PM]
Ooft. Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, andddd All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (which made me bawl like a baby)!


bethany [4:42 PM]
You couldn’t ask a harder question if you tried ugh I’ll just pick random ones: healing voices by toni ann laidlaw, not the end of the world by kate atkinson, and july july by tim o’brien

chelsea  [4:42 PM]
@jess: last time I bawled during a book was a Fault in Our Stars. Goodness, that book was written to tear your heart in half

jess [4:45 PM]
@chelsea: managed not to cry during Fault In Our Stars – have you read All The Bright Places? It was such a kick in the stomach. Literally sobbing on the train, ha.

chelsea [4:46 PM]
No! I’ll add it to the list, though. I haven’t read a heart-wrenching book in a while.


jess [4:48 PM]  
Very cathartic! And when I finish this darn MA in Sept I’ll need ALLLLL the recommendations from y’all.

abby [4:54 PM]  
this is great, adding all these books to my (ever-growing) list

lesley [5:12 PM]  
Really peeved I don’t have my own copy of Jane Eyre for this… classic.

chelsea [5:13 PM]  
Great picture! I wish I could take one too (I have jane eyre!), but alas I’m working remotely this week and so far away from my lovelies

chelsea [5:14]  
I.e. my books


lesley [5:16 PM]  
Everyone I know who owns a copy of Jane Eyre has a very lovely vintage copy and it makes me want

lesley  [5:17]  
I’m totally going to start calling my books my lovelies now.

images via maori sakai

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