Art, Everything, Issue 77

Join the VC Team: Call for a New Art Editor

We have a new opening for one volunteer position: Art Editor. See below for application details. Please note: all staff positions are volunteer and are thus unpaid. All positions are also virtual/remote. We encourage applicants who are members of marginalized groups (LGBTQIA, POC, WOC, women, disabled folks, etc.), but all are welcome to apply. Please […]

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An interview with Jonathan MacGregor

button upOil on canvas Introduction I think for any creative, world-building is a big undertaking that pushes the limits of creativity. Thinking expansively to create an environment, society, and characters that serve a purpose to explore that world is a continual showcase of imaginative prowess. When that process comes together it creates a rich, imaginative […]

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tinder notifications, political regimes, and Chromatica Oreos : an interview with Yuyang Zhang

Marrying contemporary chaos with the imagery found on his phone screen, Yuyang Zhang (he/him) is an image-maker with a distinct “tongue-in-cheek” point of view. Yuyang’s inspiration and imagery comes far and wide: Chinese propaganda posters, Marvel’s television series WandaVision, iPhone emojis, or his love of sports cars. In this interview, we talk about his image […]

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translating with thread: an interview with Thương Hoài Trần

Being her family history’s archivist while weaving a story of her own, Thương Hoài Trần (she/they) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago, IL. Combining their training in printmaking with newfound skills in fibers, she documents a familial immigrant story told to them through word-of-mouth and old photographs. How would you introduce yourself as an […]

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lessons on painting and self-reliance: an interview with Jordan Ramsey Ismaiel

There is something special about seeing an artist create a self-portrait. Through a self-portrait you can analyze what an artist finds valuable, what they overlook, and how they wish to be perceived by their audience. For this month’s issue, I interviewed Jordan Ismaiel Ramsey (they/them), an artist committed to self-portraiture as a form of self-reliance. […]

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drawing and writing between the lines: an interview with Amy Chu

Tackling issues with post-grad life adjustment, work anxiety, and impulse purchases, Amy Chu (@camoot.journal) gives her viewers a multi-faceted look at modern day adult obstacles and the escapism she finds through imagination and art. A recent grad of SMFA Tufts in Boston, Amy’s work showcases her interest in vulnerability and storytelling while taking inspiration from […]

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sweetness and magic: an interview with Vicky Liang

For this month’s issue I interviewed Vicky Liang, an illustrator/artist currently based in New Jersey. Saccharine, round, and able to make one’s cheeks blush, Vicky’s illustrations capture innocent vision through singular pieces and small-page comics. Taking homage from her inspirations in children’s book illustration and Studio Ghibli media, Vicky incorporates elements such as anthropomorphic animals, […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 66

Farewell from Clémence

Hi everyone! I’m Clémence, and I’ve been the Art Editor here at Vagabond City since 2019. This month’s issue will be my last one, after a total of 25 interviews with 25 brilliant artists who have been kind enough to share their thoughts with me and who have all taught me a lot. For my […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 65

Featured Artist: Bianca Dunn

This month’s featured artist, Bianca Dunn, is a Mexican/Chinese artist and illustrator from Sacramento, California. I discovered her work in my inbox, when she sent me a selection of gouache pieces, some monochrome, and others an explosion of blues, reds and yellows. Her work is inspired by everything and anything, from Frida Kahlo’s paintings to […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 64

Featured Artist: Kyrsta Morehouse

This month’s featured artist is Kyrsta Morehouse, a Los Angeles-based photographer. Kyrsta is not only a photographer. She is originally a makeup artist, and started taking film and Polaroid photographs while working on film sets. She is also a poet, and her work has been published in several literary magazines. Last but not least, she […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 63

Featured Artist: Ninn Salaün

I discovered Ninn Salaün’s work when a painting of a sky at dusk all in pink and purple hues popped up on my Twitter feed. The picture came from Ninn’s account Reports From Unknown Places, on which she has been posting a picture of the sky with a caption explaining the meteorological events depicted everyday […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 62

Featured Artist: Zoé Lab

Who are you? My name is Zoe, and I grew up in the South West of France, lost in the middle of fields and vineyards. I read a lot of comics when I was a teenager, especially 90s comics by L’Association [a French comic books publisher], and it got me interested in visual storytelling. I […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 61

Featured Artist: Jess Vieira

Jess Vieira is a rising star in Brazil. Her paintings and illustrations have been featured on book covers, in advertisements, and even in two issues of Vogue last year. Jess was born in 1992 in Brasília, and she now lives in Salvador, Bahia. She likes to work with as many mediums as she can, from […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 60

Featured Artist: Gwladys Le Roy

Gwladys Le Roy is a 29-years-old French illustrator. She grew up in the south-west of France, near the sea, before moving to Paris. After a few years there, she decided to move to the US, where she has spent the past two years between New York and San Francisco. Gwladys works as a communications consultant […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 59

Featured Artist: Sarah Dahir

This month’s featured artist is Sarah Dahir, an illustrator based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sarah began her project Nawaal Illustrations a couple of years ago, her first experience with professional illustration after drawing for herself for years. Sarah is interested in the relationship between women (she grew up with three sisters), and especially Black women. […]

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Art, Everything, issue 58

Featured Artist: Noémie Klein

Noémie Klein is an emerging French illustrator, whom we discovered by chance on Instagram. Her work is inspired by spirituality, nature, and ancient philosophies, and has been gaining more and more attention lately. Noémie is an illustrator of the inside. She wants to make ideas into images, and her illustrations translate abstract concepts into shapes […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 57

Featured Artist: Alice Cloutier Lachance

Alice Cloutier-Lachance’s work bears a striking resemblance to Francesca Woodman’s. Alice is an emerging Canadian photographer, and, coincidentally, she is friends with Monse Muro, whom we interview for our January 2021 issue. She creates mysterious, monochromatic photographs of her friends and family, sometimes blurred, so as to reveal just enough to keep us wondering. She […]

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Art, Everything, interview, Issue 56

Featured Artist: Ludi Leiva

For this month’s interview, we talked to Ludi Leiva, a multidisciplinary artist based in the Pacific Northwest. Ludi (short for Ludmila) mainly works as an illustrator, and her vibrant illustrations featuring intriguing human figures have appeared in Vogue, them., Twitter, and exposed in the streets of New York. In addition to being an artist, she […]

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Art, Everything, interview, Issue 55

Featured Artist: Monse Muro

Monse Muro‘s photographs are displayed in a beautiful layout on her Instagram page, whose description reads “borrower of souls for a click or so”. Monse also borrows time, inviting us to stop what we’re doing and take a moment to look around us. Monse is a Mexican-born photographer. She lives in Tio’tia:ke, Canada, where she […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 53

Featured Artist: Jade Delmage

This month’s featured artist, Jade Delmage, is an emerging British artist recently graduated from the University of Brighton. Jade’s work exists in a multitude of forms that all have in common a kind of playfulness, from her “weird videos” (as she herself describes them) reminiscent of David Lynch’s early short films, to her colorful paintings […]

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Art, Everything, interview, Issue 52

Featured Artist: Weronika Marianna

Weronika Marianna is a Polish artist and designer based in Amsterdam. Her paintings and animations of abstract female figures in pastel colors have attracted clients such as Netflix or Elle Magazine, and she has co-created Szajn, an online space promoting art by women. Weronika discussed her work, her inspirations, and the importance of change with […]

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Art, Everything, issue 51

Anna Wanda Gogusey

Qui est-tu? Comment est-tu devenue illustratrice? Quel a été ton parcours?  J’ai toujours dessiné, et au moment où tout le monde s’arrête, en primaire ou au collège, j’ai continué. C’est ce que j’ai toujours voulu faire, même si on a essayé de m’en décourager en me répétant que ce n’était pas un vrai métier. Après […]

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Art, Everything, issue 51

Featured Artist: Anna Wanda Gogusey

Anna Wanda Gogusey‘s work probably looks familiar, because it is everywhere. Her colorful illustrations and the white eyes that makes them so unique adorn everything from advertising campaigns and magazine covers to festival posters and feminist podcasts. Aside from being one of the most successful French illustrators today, working with national and international newspapers such […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 49

Featured Artist: Lorena Lohr

Lorena Lohr started taking photographs when she was travelling around the United States at age 20. Her pictures give off a peaceful sense of stillness, contrasting with the ever moving way they were shot. Lorena does not photograph people but objects, traces of people’s existence, from a leftover maraschino cherry on a plate to a […]

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Art, Everything, interview, Issue 48

Featured Artist: Georgie Wileman

Georgie Wileman, born in 1988, is a British photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Her photographic projects document intimate experiences of pain and social injustice: with THIS IS ENDOMETRIOSIS, she demystifies a still misunderstood illness which she’s suffered from her entire life, while To Thy Own Self Be True denounces the dehumanization of transgender people […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 47

Featured Artist: Augusto BM

This month’s featured artist, Augusto BM, is a Brazilian illustrator with a talent for creating entire aesthetic universes with only a pen and paper, or through the otherworldly collages that compose his Instagram stories. Influenced by the art of ancient civilizations, which he discovered while studying History, Augusto’s artwork explores the relationship between nature and […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 46

Featured Artist: Hannah Rae Powell

Hannah Rae Powell began illustrating to distract herself from her career, and she did it so well that it became almost like a second one. Her playful, colorful illustrations evoke Matisse’s La Danse adorned with floral patterns. They have seduced thousands of followers on Instagram, as well as gallerists and fashion brands. Hannah lives in […]

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Art, Everything, issue 45

Featured Artist: Sacrée Frangine

The phrase “sacrée frangine” is so idiomatic to French that it is impossible to translate it into English with exactitude. The word “sacrée” literally translates to “sacred”, but paired with a substantive, it becomes equivalent to the expression “a hell of a”, while “frangine” (informal) means “sister”. A “sacrée frangine” is a “sacred sister” and […]

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Art, Everything, interview, issue 44


Octavia Tomyn describes herself as an extreme extrovert who loves meeting people as part of her work. It also seems like she loves representing people as part of her work. Her Instagram page shows hundreds of human figures, sketched in a single black line, but which still depict a strong individuality and subtle emotion. Octavia […]

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Art, Issue 43


Carissa Potter Carlson‘s work creates a strange, cathartic experience. A feeling of intrusion, as if you were reading a stranger’s thoughts, but also, a feeling of vulnerability, as if at the same time, that stranger were reading yours. Her art relieves loneliness by showing things everyone experiences but no one talks about, from small embarrassments […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 42

Featured Artist: DANIELLE MORGAN

Danielle Morgan sees things most people don’t see, and turns them into art. Danielle lives in Stockholm, but she was born in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada, and grew up in Victoria, British Columbia. Her attention to detail brings the light on small, everyday occurrences of beauty : the shape of a hair-tie, arms […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 41, Reviews + Interviews

Featured Artist: s burnette

How would you describe your artistic style? Versace + Arby’s. Tammy Faye Messner + Honey Boo Boo + the Virgin Mary. Key West + Manhattan + the Research Triangle + Hell. Who / what inspires you to create? In terms of who, definitely my partner and my family/friends and other writers/artists I admire. But in […]

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Art, interview, Issue 40

Featured Artist: Caroline Dare

For many artists, the question of how to create in the era of climate change is difficult to answer. Caroline Dare has some ideas. Caroline is a 25-year-old American photographer currently living in New Zealand. Her body of work ranges from monochrome portraits to colorful, almost surrealistic scenes, from carefully composed pieces to fleeting moments […]

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Art, Everything, issue 39


Where you are from? What are your passions and hobbies? My full name is Alexandra Cristina Dumitrică. I was born in Bucharest, Romania, during a rainy November night almost 21 years ago. Today, I still live in Bucharest, where I study Pharmacy at University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila.” Even though the career path I […]

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Art, Everything, issue 38


Tell us about yourself. Where you are from? Hi!  I’m Karen Thom. I’m Canadian and currently live on the gorgeous southern west coast of British Columbia, Canada. I’m reminded daily by my picturesque surroundings (and the news) how truly fortunate I am. What are your passions and hobbies? My first passion is my family and […]

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Art, Everything, issue 36


Where are you from? What kind of work do you do and what materials do you work with for each piece? I was born in Romania and I am currently living in Corsica while travelling around the world. My work is mainly illustrations, drawings, paintings that feature The Girl with Black Hair – a name that […]

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Art, Everything, interview, Issue 34


Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Qianqian Ye, but I go by Q. I was born in China and moved to the US in 2012. I went to architecture school and graduate school. After graduation I worked as an urban designer and public art consultant. I’ve been interested in art since […]

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