SEA SHELLS | Sarah Francois

Ze sold sea shells by the sea shore
no not really Ze sold sex by the pier
It was amusing the look on people’s faces
The deadpan expression to the
straightforward question

Of would you like to top or bottom
And the price tag
It was almost as if it hung from Ze’s waistbeads
There were always cops
Guarding the pier
From us undesirables
But somehow no one ever
Remembered to lock the restrooms
The park curfew bent as easily
As ripped tutu fabric
And dusty knee patches
It was pride and we would enjoy it


Sarah Francois is an MFA candidate at LIU Brooklyn. She resides in Brooklyn. She has poetry published in Poetic Diversity , Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Paramount and Visceral Brooklyn. She waxes poetic at and on Twitter @fahimapoetry

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