Art, Everything, Issue 47

Featured Artist: Augusto BM

This month’s featured artist, Augusto BM, is a Brazilian illustrator with a talent for creating entire aesthetic universes with only a pen and paper, or through the otherworldly collages that compose his Instagram stories. Influenced by the art of ancient civilizations, which he discovered while studying History, Augusto’s artwork explores the relationship between nature and […]

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Art, Everything, issue 45

Featured Artist: Sacrée Frangine

The phrase “sacrée frangine” is so idiomatic to French that it is impossible to translate it into English with exactitude. The word “sacrée” literally translates to “sacred”, but paired with a substantive, it becomes equivalent to the expression “a hell of a”, while “frangine” (informal) means “sister”. A “sacrée frangine” is a “sacred sister” and […]

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Art, Everything, interview, issue 44


Octavia Tomyn describes herself as an extreme extrovert who loves meeting people as part of her work. It also seems like she loves representing people as part of her work. Her Instagram page shows hundreds of human figures, sketched in a single black line, but which still depict a strong individuality and subtle emotion. Octavia […]

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Art, interview, Issue 40


For many artists, the question of how to create in the era of climate change is difficult to answer. Caroline Dare has some ideas. Caroline is a 25-year-old American photographer currently living in New Zealand. Her body of work ranges from monochrome portraits to colorful, almost surrealistic scenes, from carefully composed pieces to fleeting moments […]

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Art, Everything, WHAT WE THINK ABOUT

Vagabond City Interviews Emma Ensley

In a word, Emma Ensley’s work is magical. It sparkles and lives and mixes mediums in a way that complicates each piece. As soon as we saw it, we were moved to send a rambling email about how stunning stunning stunning it was, and would she be interested in being featured? A total sweetheart, Emma […]

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Art, Everything


I truly believe that art can shape and comment on the world we live in. I’m not a documentary photographer, but I very much appreciate this kind of work, and I think people are really sensitized with some projects. Projects can really change their minds about important issues. I’m thinking of issues with the flow […]

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