Abby Caron, ’95, Texas
Abby Caron, ’95, Texas
flower girl
Abby Caron, ’95, Texas


LUCIA PASQUALE: By moonlight, or by sunlight?

ABBY CARON: By moonlight. My brain doesn’t tend to work during the day, but once I get in bed I can’t get it to shut up.

LP: What are you currently reading?

AC: I’m currently on a Haruki Murakami book marathon, he’s incredible. Currently I’m working on Kafka on the Shore.

LP: What musical artists inspire you to create?

AC: I’m obsessed with any music that has a unique female voice. Three of my favorites right now are Anna of the North, Angus & Julia Stone, and Superhumanoids.

LP: If you could go on the adventure of a lifetime, where would you go?

AC: Iceland. It’s been a dream of mine to go there for years now, I bought a travel book and everything.

LP: In three to five words, describe what art means to you.

AC: It keeps me going.

LP: Favorite quote?

AC: “From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.” -Edvard Munch


Abby is a 20-year-old born and raised in Texas. She loves her border collies, making art, and wasting away on the couch with popcorn and Twin Peaks. tumblr: instagram: @sunchime

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