a whole big world of art: a farewell

Art is something I’ve always been drawn to. It’s a whole world of possibilities and ideas that can influence culture and society. On the other hand it can be something that looks pretty, and looks great hung on a wall. There can be so much and so little that goes into art making, where artists can use traditional and unorthodox methods to implement and reach new conclusions. It’s like a constant play of the serious and playful. 

I started writing about art as a way to meet artists and get a peek into their process. Understanding their values, what their thesis statements are for their practice and the work they create, and where their boundaries are. Asking these questions and hearing them from the artist has given me such a great opportunity to learn more about the way people think, look at some amazing art, and share it with others. It also satisfies this natural curiosity I have in understanding people and asking them questions. That sort of nosiness I think I picked up from my midwestern upbringing where “every stranger is a friend you haven’t met” is the common attitude.

I’ve had a really fortunate run as the Art Director at Vagabond City Literature, and have been able to interview artists to see what they’ve been up to and share their work. To mark my final article, I wanted to check in with some of the artists I’ve interviewed along the way, and see what they’ve been up to. A sort of “walk down memory lane” over the last year at Vagabond City Literature.

Amy Chu @camoot.journal (February Issue 68):

I’ve been letting my obsessions guide me wherever they wish. I just finished a screenwriting class, which is an exciting new medium that I’m both scared and excited to dive deeper into. Of course, I’m still plugging away at making comics, trying to find the balance between the illustration and the story.


falling from sky


Jordan Ramsey Ismaiel @jordanramseyismaiel (April Issue 70):

I took a lithography class and have been testing out things in that medium. Other than that I’m getting things together for a show in the spring in Upstate New York, and an interview with Gayletter magazine.

imagining you watching me

In the heat of our eternal summer

Nighttime through Nebraska

Thương Hoài Trần @cupcakes (May Issue 71):

I’m currently preparing for the MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts where I’ll be able to focus on my work for 2 weeks. I’m also working on a collaborative project building off the print exchanges that my studio mate and I have been doing the last few years.

Bánh Mì Của Mỹ

Ngày 1-8-99

Nguyễn Thị Định

Juan Astudillo @jotacastudillo (July Issue 73):

I have so many things in mind atm. I’ll be taking part in a group show early next year (pretty excited about that one). I’m working on some personal projects about drawing: I’m designing a small course for beginners, also trying to come up with a small editorial project about line drawings. I have no idea where I’m at with painting, but I guess I want to keep diving into it, hopefully I’ll be working more from life next year. I’m just looking forward to being able to draw more next year, and keep diving into painting honestly.


Romance with a memory


That concludes this little jaunt through the last year. I wanted to thank you all for reading these interviews, and sharing the work of all these amazing artists! There’s a whole big world with so much art, and my hope is that the readers of these interviews go out there, find work you’re excited to know more about, and share it to the world.