Strawberries by jd hegarty

I had a dream about holding your
hand. My skin was hot and I woke
—nervous. I had a dream
where you kissed me. My heart
hovered above my body. I
spent hours trying to recover.
I had a dream about strawberries,
we were eating strawberries,
the sky was blue, birds sang,
you knew their names, but mostly
you were there, and we were eating
strawberries and I remembered
how sweet strawberries can be.

jd hegarty is a poet, an anarchist, an a sunflower living in Saint Paul Minnesota with two loud grey cats. jd’s work can be found in Chronotope, White Stag, Crab Orchard Review, Mortar Magazine, and elsewhere. Their first chapbook, On Passing, was published by Red Bird Chapbooks in 2017. They can be reached at

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