Sailing by Nathan Spoon

Today you will reorder yesterday for the sake of
tomorrow. Something will bubble and froth behind
your left ear leaving behind a sensation like when
you first bite into a perfect and juicy apple. I have
an eye and a tongue and a soul for juice and so feel
bold about this assertion. Even when we are apart
my mind fills up with juice while thinking about you.

You are better than my favorite sweater : the one covered
in images of the moon : the one that threads though
real space. I like space too and must decree that
between it and you you are the realer. I was floating
across space while pondering the heft of this and feeling
the greater you of you and all the ways my deeper self
likes wearing the bigness of such data on its sleeves.

Nathan Spoon is the author of Doomsday Bunker (Swan World) and My Name is Gretchen Merryweather (hardPressed poetry). His poems appear or are forthcoming in PoetryAmerican Poetry ReviewMantisHarvard Divinity BulletinThe ScoresOxford PoetrySouth Carolina Review, and elsewhere. He is editor of Queerly.

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