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Where are you from? What kind of work do you do and what materials do you work with for each piece?
I was born in Romania and I am currently living in Corsica while travelling around the world. My work is mainly illustrations, drawings, paintings that feature The Girl with Black Hair – a name that I gave to the girl which is the main subject of my art. The Girl with Black Hair could be any woman today. I’m not a fan of explaining my art or any art for that matter. From my point of view, a work of art either speaks to you or it doesn’t. I use a mixed technique featuring ink, digital collage, watercolors, and all medium that would go with my current mood. Most of the time my works are made on paper but I also love the feel of canvas, so I alternate between both.

How do your surroundings influence your style and practice?
Well, I am a sea lover and the fact that I live on an island surrounded by water is no pure coincidence. This has a very good influence on my art because it inspires me in every way possible. Life on the island inspires me because it’s calm, because you look out the window and you see the sea, because you have nature all around you which brings you closer to the essentials, to what really matters. All these work like an introspection: the kind that makes your art evolve.

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What’s your daily routine? Do you go to the studio every day?
I don’t have a routine I actually do everything to stay away from anything that might get close to a routine because a routine is the opposite of creativity. You cannot be or feel inspired when your days look alike. I live in my studio, so I guess we can say that I go to the studio every day.

What do you do besides making illustrations? Could you tell us more about your traveling adventures?
Besides illustration, I love traveling around the world. It’s my second passion after art. What I love about traveling is the freedom that it gives in every way of the term. I travel to discover places, people, and most of all to discover myself; there’s no better way. So far I have traveled and lived in UAE, Thailand, and almost all of Europe. For the moment, I’m living the island life in Corsica but I hope my nomadic ventures are not over.

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What do you like about social media? How has it helped you promote your art?
What I like about social media is the possibility to create a community around my art and also the exposure that it gives. The instant feedback from viewers is another important point for us artists.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?
I would like to focus on the present. I say this because we are always so keen on planning and imagining the future that we actually forget to enjoy the present. So I would like to develop this attitude: to just enjoy the present because there was a time when this was the future I was imagining.

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profile picRamona Russu is an freelance artist, graduate of The Royal Academy of Arts in Brussels, Belgium, who now lives and works in Corsica. After several years of globe-trotting where she travelled and worked as a fashion designer in Brussels, a creative director in Dubai and an art gallerist in Paris, she has decided to settle down and  build her own creative universe. She finds inspiration in her travels, states of mind, people, art, fashion and life, in general. Her background in fashion shapes her feminine yet bold creations. Her artworks feature places, people, iconic fashion and paradise-like scenarios with a touch of surrealism. Each piece is youthful, mysterious, and playfully contemplative. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Elle, Burda, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and in a series of online articles. @ramona_russu