have you ever noticed that
the moment before we kiss is made up of
the tension before a riot?
air filled with both nothingness and hope
molotov lips hot and unholy and burning for attention;
together we make a lit match–
a real fuckin faggot–
together, we burn western civilization to the ground


i cannot say that i believe in a revolution in this lifetime
any more than i can say i believe in god.
but dear god,
i swear i can taste it in
your voice when you say my name.
and, if it’s all the same to you,
i can’t say that i’ll stop looking for freedom
caught tangled in your hair

and maybe,
this type of love is a kind of martyrdom in itself, yet
i’m more willing to believe in
the weight of your body wrapped around mine in bed
than the weight of any misplaced expectations
wrapped tight around both our bodies
which is, still to say that
i hope that the entropy of society comes
before the entropy of this.
this is the spark before the flame

let me tell you a story:
boy meets boy–
and the resulting explosion
hasn’t stopped expanding since.

Oleander Venzon is an 18 year old filipino-japanese self-identified “transsexual amalgam of boy and anxiety and glitter”. He’s also an aries sun, gemini moon, and libra rising. Bay Area born and fermented, he is a freshman in college and now resides in Long Beach, CA. He drinks too much coffee and sometimes likes to write poetry, focusing mainly on the concepts of survival and resilience.