long dark body wave

hidden under regal

mythical blood +

sex /// i am a love child

of punky teenage dragons

+ fucking serious art


over the moon i wait

besting key rings between knuckles /

obsessive fantasy gibbous /

cackling blonde wigs

curled like a weapon


cautiously interrupted by

a charming romance

(or badass smaller pieces of one)

swaths of ash

charmed breasts

scorched modesty

intriguingly chic

outdoor style

mixed w/ jazz lace


like moaning tulle

wrapped over the face

of a satin doll ///


sara matson’s writing can be found or is forthcoming in The Journal Petra, Dying Dahlia Review, Meow Meow Pow Pow, Rabid Oak, Mannequin Haus, Awkward Mermaid, Soft Cartel, Dream Pop Press, and elsewhere. her chapbook, electric grandma, is coming in 2019 from Vessel Press. sara lives in Chicago with her rad husband + cats, and tweets as @skeletorwrites


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