evening played
the radio soft, soft
as daffodil blinking.
we rocked in the solace
of rosy
oven lights

the steps to our dance
shook magnets
within our bodies
cold metal
pushing us up
each other

the vibration
of our collision
ran over the counter
filled the bread box and
our shoes.
without much fanfare

but a flood all the same

unknotting the past
from around the present
we could
go stand on top of your car

you’d feel so alive
out in the street
headlights burst
into your long hair

run down
your blushing
blue dress

telephone wires
twisting into birds

Lillian Sickler is a poet enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst majoring in comparative literature. Writing poems since high school, she has been fortunate enough to study under the likes of Aracelis Girmay, Martin Espada, and Marilyn Chin in college. Lillian’s poems ‘Stars’ and ‘A Tributary’ were published by Words Dance Publishing in 2016 and two other poems ‘when her parents found out’ and ‘scenes from bluebonnet diner’ were published Fall 2017 in Asterism, a literary journal at Ohio State University. She is currently working on her first book of poetry.