figure 1: and you were talking about fucking on the beach (about having sex on the beach) and i was reading everything you said choking on sandwiches constantly choking on things going down the wrong way and coming up as something more filled with feelings than i meant to ever really feel and you were reading everything i said and talking about fucking on the beach and in the rain and about getting sand stuck to your back and about getting sand stuck to my knees and my stomach and about being wet … about being soaked together

figure 2: it would be lightening (monsooning) … there would be physical representations of electricity … there would be strokes of light killing our bodies and strokes of condensation flooding our bodies and i would be wanting to kiss your mouth and kiss your hips and bite your hips and smell lavender on your legs and on your hips and see lavender on my mouth and on my neck and on all these locations im sensing on you also … we would be making sand from grains and bits of pieces of local art … we would be deconstructing the bits of our hands against our other hands and screaming and crazy laughing and deconstructing our bodies to be something to lay on … your ankles would be covering my arms and your wrists would be covering my hands and id get the grainy bits and pieces of you stuck in my teeth (grinding them in my teeth) and we would be so wet … physical representations of condensation as my forehead would get plastered on your thighs
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