the dark of night
is really
just about 13,000
ravens spread across
the sky

lava is probably a good dancer
my nations multiply

I’m the type of person
who should say things like
“I’m too much for you”
like how there will never
be enough
space, for space

immediately after
on my grandmother’s couch
I asked myself aloud
“why does no one
want to hang out?”

I am humiliated
there I said it
I am more humiliated

while watering the garden
I sometimes water dead plants
just to see what will happen

, I wonder if some day
we will know everything
and now there is a swelling sadness inside me
for those who did not
live at a time
when they could know as well

if the past could be injected
w new knowledge
would we simply call it

watched two farmers
holding hands
walking along the side
of the road
I miss the dirty carpets
of my old apartment
and the feeling of the weather
I grew up in

I want/ed to be the music
in a graveyard
I want/ed to be a disobedient corpse
I want/ed my shadow to be fashionably late

I wanted to dwell –
to halt and glide through it all

Jeremy Boyd is a sentient being from Maryland aged 24 years according to a calendar he does not agree with. He’s not quite sure how it happened but he has received a Bachelor’s from Towson University in philosophy & he’s currently doing this fucked up thing called an MFA at the University of Baltimore – perhaps you’ve heard of it? He likes to juxtapose aggressive rap music with the soft fur of any available puppy (all dogs are puppies). He’s been writing poetry since high school and he supposes he’ll keep doing it since it doesn’t “contribute to society” in any kind of measured way, and that’s pretty cool. 🙂 Twitter: @sp1it

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