the beat of your heart– one. two. three. four. the gleam of your sweat– heat. shimmer. hips. quiver. the almond of your eyes– green. kind. honey. mine. the space behind your ribs– ache. flood. furnace. blood. the palm of your hand– red. flower. touch. devour. the bend of your thumb– square. raw. hook. trace. the soft of your mouth– wet. smother. sweet. lover. the clasp of your fist– open. close. grab. own. the line of your back– straight. bow. bend. flow. the curve of your throat– long. pulse. bruised. sink. the points of your teeth– beast. bite. bite. bite.


Ayah Elbeyali is a young weaver of words living on the East Coast of the United States. She is a student studying political science, philosophy, and creative writing, with a fondness for Russian novels. She is a feminist, woman of color, woman of steel. She enjoys good coffee, good books, and better company. You can read her work at: and find her on twitter:

Vagabond City Literary Journal

Founded in 2013, we are a literary journal dedicated to publishing outsider literature. We publish art, poetry, and creative nonfiction from marginalized creators.

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