girl liking boys and girls
girl hating labels; hating boxes,
but girl loving; always loving.
girl falling for crooked smiles;
the quiver of eye lashes like
leaves in the wind, protecting
cobalt irises full of love;
full of empathy.

girl kissing girls in darkened
alleyways as the sun comes over
the horizon, bathing them in gold.
girl pressing boys against sticky
walls of clubs,
smoky breath shared in a drunken haze.
girl finding the crescent moon
outline of where waist becomes hip.
girl running tentative fingertips
down rigid torsos’.
chapped lips against those painted red:
girl kissing boys.
red lips pressed against blue;
turning purple, navy; kaleidoscopic:
girl kissing girls.
girl loving boys;
girl loving girls.
girl hating labels; hating boxes
but girl loving; always loving.
girl kissing girls; kissing boys
lips against lips
tongue rolling over tongue
heart against beating heart
skin on skin
hand on neck,
on cheek,
on lower back.
girl kissing. just kissing.


Jemma Hoolahan, living in London. She likes feminism, Tumblr, poetry and English literature in general, identifies as bisexual. Occasionally found on

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