3 Poems | Venus Crow

Come home my love to gentle rains,
where fire hearts breathe you in.
walk among the feathered pines
with me at your side.

Be blessed by love’s tender touch
swim with lost memories
of days swiftly flown
and scattered upon the breeze.

We miss the sanctified song of your soul
exalted among mere mortals.
rise swiftly from your foreign hearth
let magic bring you home.

She is ash now
Blown away on
Autumnal wind.
Burning too fast
becoming smoke
On your lips.
Now she mingles
With the dust
And air
As if she had
Never been here.

Bring me home
To the place of quiet beauty
So to unravel the care
And temper the storm.
Where your lined paper skin
Captures memories dispersed,
With each breath exhaled
Whisper glories remembered
And battles once lived.
Upon the hearth we
Will lay our tales
Of past loves
Now ghosts astride the wind,
Upon the flames
To watch them burn
As our hearts once did.
Bring me now
To this place of recess
And let your
Seasoned wings
Enfold this troubled body.


Venus Crow is a singer/songwriter and poet from Dublin, Ireland. She released an album, “Solomon’s Shadow,” this year.

Rachel Charlene Lewis

Rachel Charlene Lewis is a writer + social media editor, covering sex, identity, entertainment, and beauty. Her work has been published by Refinery29, Teen Vogue, SELF, Glamour, Autostraddle, and elsewhere. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @RachelCharleneL.