Majid | Maj al-Yasa

from your wine-stained lips
meem alif jiim daal
you print the letters
on my palm
and close my fist around
the syllables.
you love me
like the Prophet
loved Fatima
and I love you as a brother.
you laugh.
be my wife.
habibi, I say,
we can’t.
sister, you say, we will.

the sun burns on judgment day
as I protest,
I protest,
and yet I lie down.
our marital bed:
a dusty patch of earth two kilometers
from our parents.
my bridal gown:
an old pair of shorts
yanked down without ceremony.

are married
نصبح متزوج
in the dust.

I am fourteen,
and you love me like the Prophet
loved his wife.
I am fourteen,
and our marriage certificate
is a rust red stain.

meem alif jiim daal.
from your wine-stained lips.


Maj al-Yasa is a queer woman of color who loves theatre, stand-up comedy and you.  Sometimes she lives in Edinburgh and sometimes she lives in Los Angeles.  Find her poetry, screenplays, novels and embarrassing YouTube videos on her website.
Rachel Charlene Lewis

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