Mammywood | Gloria Holwerda-Williams

As it goes, even J-Lo was maid up to remain the same
Driving Miss Lazy just sticks to
The same crazy creed
racist fantasy greed
Everyone else is maid to serve their old rule colonial need

In just one movie Latifah, Alicia, and two more mammywood made
all 4 one white child
played the past present
set in a time period when they were the ones being kicked to the ground
and as always, through all their plight and nerve
they were timed to serve

How many actress’ or actor’ does it take to mammy make for the sake of 1 white 1

Can you count all those mammy movies with me?

Back to Freeman
played a god the right way
all to save 1 white guy
as a prisoner
all to aid the only innocent 1 white guy
and even in Glory
same ‘ole story
all there to support 1 white guy story
in Batman
Which some know is really black man
His smarts are displayed for the aid of 1 white guy
Miss Lazy did drive Mr. Freeman to award
Denzel maid to protect
What the heck, for consistency
just make it be, same white child again
And, Mr. Washington was awarded
for lesson he gave in mad bad cop acting
to purify the acting role of 1 white guy
and NO in this century
Latifah and LL Cool J would not have it their way
2 play just for romance
Again, forced into mammy dance
Ms. Berry knows the sad game
She had to play the roles just the same
Even Don Cheadle got stuck with the mammy need all
Now they got little black girls
playing “the little girl no one loved”
everyone around her is unfurled of any sympathy
making me wanna hurl
her teacher, a meth-head
and instead she is slapped back
mammy wrapped to care for 1 white guy

There is no independence

Not player hating
Just tired racists mating actors to play only in their mammy holds
over and over and over again
Gotta get over


Gloria Holwerda-Williams is a Brooklyn US born, poet and multidiscipline artist. In 2012 poems published in Blackberry; a magazine and The New Verse News(online). Previously published in D#6, D#3 (Amsterdam), in US lit ‘zines; BlazeVox, A Gathering of the Tribes, LUNGFULL!, Interview magazine, and Aloud, Nuyorican Poets Anthology. She has taught poetry writing and performance poetry for various NY arts organizations. She organizes art/poetry/music events, workshops, and sells artist’s works via:

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