2 poems | Jesse Back

Sex Is
sex is
the great affirmation

more than anything else
it tells us
we’re alive

heart pumping blood
to the dick
that throbs
in anticipation.

sex is our only goal
in life
to make another live

so when we do it
our purpose is fulfilled
bodies pumping sweat
spilling from our naked selves

the juice of life
spilling from us
letting us know we are men

no one is complete
without sex
neither thirteen year old boys
or catholic priests


everyone just wants
a hole to fuck
and call their own.

She lies on her back
she lies on her back
on the bed
smiling up at me

her top lip is thin
and her teeth are very white
so she has a good smile.

i smile
kiss her neck
her long brown hair is everywhere

she has large tits that sag a little
but still look good to me

she has a long scar
from her bellybutton
to her pelvis
where she’d had three c-sections
and a piercing in her bellybutton

matching tattoos on her collarbones
she regrets getting
and one on her back
she doesn’t mind so much

it’s too bright in here
she says

i close the windows
turn out the lights
bring down the blinds
all with this giant thing
waving around comically

this feels awkward
she says

well, we aren’t drinking
it’s always awkward when you’re sober
it’ll be better once we get started

after, she smiles and says thanks
i go into the bathroom for a towel
when i come out
she’s doing jumping jacks naked

Jesse Back grew up small-town in southeastern Ohio. Jesse’s had two poems accepted at Marco Polo Arts Magazine and a couple more at Offcourse Literary Journal.

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