Molly was a Fucking Tourist” by Cheryl Anne Gardner
When she isn’t writing, Cheryl Anne Gardner likes to chase marbles on a glass floor, eat lint, play with sharp objects, and make taxidermy dioramas with dead flies. She writes art-house novellas and abstract flash fiction, some published, some not.

At a Party I Recently Saw” by Paul Stohm
Paul Strohm is a free lance journalist working in Houston, Texas. Fire trucks , police scanners, and ambulances are his favorite things.His most recent poem “Dimple Dell Davis” is currently residing at

French Manicure” and “Better by Electric Light” by Matthew J. Hall
Matthew J. Hall is a writer who lives in Bristol, England. More from him and links to published work can be found at

Something Died” by Dan Morey
Dan Morey lives in Erie, PA where he relentlessly pursues the longnose gar, great northern pike and mighty bowfin in the weedy waters of Presque Isle Bay. His writing has appeared in Giant Robot, The Red Raven Review, Eyeshot, The Big Jewel, Smokebox (forthcoming) Lumen, Tempus, L.A. Miscellany, A Reader’s Guide to the Underground Press and the Erie Times-New.

Stay in the T’s” by David Michael Joseph
David Michael Joseph is an Alternative writer, poet, and filmmaker from the great state (tongue in check) of New Jersey, now living in Los Angeles, hoping to breath a breath of fresh air into the literary world. He has a passion for story telling and poetry. He also has written Exodus from the River Town, his first collection of short stories: //
Many times he had infused the two elements into his films. He has made four short movies including Festival selections and winners Shadows of Sepulveda and C.A.k.E: and

The First Day of Spring” by Mike Power
Mike’s first novel The Zoo was published in 2009 by Cacoethes Publishing House. His short stories have appeared in The Journal of Microliterature, The Fat City Review, The Uptown Observer and elsewhere. A staged reading of his first full-length play Digging Up John Barrymore was performed by Dreamcatcher Entertainment in 2012.  In addition to novels and stories, he writes and plays music, including those with the band Late Model Humans. Follow Mike’s Words & Music at

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