Everything, Issue 74, Poetry

pareidolia in the form of a lamprey by Liam Strong

hypothesis:            ur seeing moons in the face            of the moon. yeah every nite is            full w/ ur moon in the face            of another man. oh he the Dreamworks             logo. he hooked. he dipping            his toes into ur ribs. in the morning            ur blanket is a milky cloud. a rabbit             humping another rabbit. ur toes            scare […]

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Everything, Issue 74, Now Read This

Now Read This: August 2022

Highlighting recently released and forthcoming works by marginalized creators Togetherness by Wo Chan  Togetherness sends out sparks from its electric surface, radiating energy and verve from within its deep and steady emotional core: stories of the poet’s immigrant childhood spent in their family’s Chinese restaurant, culminating in a deportation battle against the State. These narrative threads […]

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Everything, Issue 74, vagabond city

Best of the Net Nominees

Art:Dirty Laundry pt 2. by Amy Chu (Issue 68)Pup at the End of the World (Burning Field) by Ben Herbert (Issue 72) CNF:Dear Mummiji by Bhumika Muchhala (Issue 66)Wash N Ride: A Teen’s Quest for Power and Identity by Jess Moor (Issue 71) Fiction:The Most Beautiful Things Could End Us by Zach Murphy (Issue 68)After […]

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tinder notifications, political regimes, and Chromatica Oreos : an interview with Yuyang Zhang

Marrying contemporary chaos with the imagery found on his phone screen, Yuyang Zhang (he/him) is an image-maker with a distinct “tongue-in-cheek” point of view. Yuyang’s inspiration and imagery comes far and wide: Chinese propaganda posters, Marvel’s television series WandaVision, iPhone emojis, or his love of sports cars. In this interview, we talk about his image […]

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Everything, Fiction, Issue 74, Prose, vagabond city

Sprout by Morgan Dick

There’s a look Dallas gets on his face when he’s about to lose his shit. His lip curls, his eyeballs shake inside their sockets, and it makes you wonder: is this really a four-year-old boy and not some Antichrist birthed from a jackal and hidden amongst human children with the aim of mankind’s eventual destruction?  […]

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