1. What if I have a question? Concern? Something pissed me off?
Email vagabondcityliterary@gmail.com.

2. What do you want?
Poetry, art, essays, and creative nonfiction we haven’t read before by people who aren’t always repped in contemporary literary magazines and journals. Queer writers, disabled writers, LGBTQIA writers, people of color, undocumented writers, women of color will be preferred. Get weird with us. Get real. Do you. Believe in your work enough to send it.

3. What do you mean by creative nonfiction?
We mean: lyric essays, research-based (but still beautiful) pieces, prose poems, poetry that exists in paragraph form, narrative nonfiction, disjunctive essays.

4. Do you accept previously published work?
Yes. Just tell us where it was published.

5. Do you have to be in your 20s to be published here?
No. Just specify your age and know that we prefer younger writers.

6. What’s the publishing schedule?
We read submissions for the Winter issue from Sept 1-Nov 1. From Nov-Dec, we make final publishing decisions. In January, we publish the issue.

We read submissions for the Spring issue from January 1-March 1. From March-April, we make final decisions. In April, we publish the issue.

We read submissions for the Summer issue from April 1-June 1. From June-July, we make final decisions. In July, we publish the issue.

Our staff takes a pause from July to September. All submissions sent within this period will be stored and reviewed for the winter issue.

7. What should be in my bio?
Whatever you want as long as it’s in third person.

8. How many times can I submit?
You can submit 5 pieces per submission, but please don’t submit more than twice in a single publishing cycle. For example, if you submit 5 poems in January, and are rejected in February, you can submit 5 more poems in February. But if we reject those, please consider re-evaluating, at least for this publishing cycle.

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