apology scribbled on the back of a receipt for a jar of green olives by Madeline Langan

super sorry for
throwing up on your 
couch last night 

missed the antique hunter 
green velvet thanks to the 
deli bag you haphazardly 
tossed over 

never knew i could have
such good aim

i keep doing this
Thing – 
not the puking but the
bleeding mascara
buying myself baby’s breath
eating crumpled
losing my left shoe
needing you to find it
asking my therapist
three months later
still i can’t believe
a man kissed me in a sweater
my mother got me for christmas 
two years ago

a dance that now
your couch has witnessed –
makes me so dizzy
i never know where 
to put my feet

Madeline Langan is an artist, writer, and architecture student pursuing her Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute with a minor in Literature and Writing. Her work is forthcoming in the Ghost City Review, Winnow, and elsewhere. She can also be found modeling tiny houses, watering her plants, and on madelinelangan.cargo.site