May Opportunities for Artists and Writers

diaCRITICS: “diaCRITICShighlights art, literature, and stories from writers, artists, and culture-makers of the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian diaspora, on and from all shores … Our mission is to represent Vietnamese and Southeast Asian diasporic literature, art, and culture … We publish essays, reviews, creative writing, and profiles and interviews with culture makers. We publish primarily in English and welcome pieces in other languages if there is an English translation as well.” No fee. $75 per prose piece or interview and $50 per poem.

Game Over Books Open Submissions Period:  Submissions open for Poetry and Prose manuscripts. “Game Over Books is looking to publish work that is entertaining and thought-provoking, cheery, dark, or otherwise. The type of work that makes you say “oh shit!” and you have to pause and look around to make sure no one actually heard you say that out loud.” No Fee. Open 6/1 to 6/30. 

Raspa Magazine: Raspa Magazine publishes creative written work and visual art that narrates the queer Latinx experience. We do not focus on genre or form, but on artistic merit, innovativeness, and potential cultural impact … We are looking for short fiction, poetry, dramatic works, visual art, creative non-fiction, or creative written work created by self identifying queer Latinxs.” No fee. Submissions open until 8/15. 

Vegetarian Alcoholic: “Vegetarian Alcoholic is committed to the idea that books have the power to change lives. We print works by authors often overlooked by traditional outlets, authors whose words we believe will inspire and benefit those who read them … We seek finished creative writing manuscripts of no less than 10,000 words for prose or 24 pages of art or poetry.” No fee. No deadline. 

Vagabond City Literary Journal

Founded in 2013, we are a literary journal dedicated to publishing outsider literature. We publish art, prose, reviews, and interviews from marginalized creators.