The Cannibals by Sarah Haeckel

I was abducted by cannibals
Last night in my dreams
They didn’t eat me, per se, but after I had a
More holistic understanding of cannibalism
In my own damn kitchen
Someone made a joke about Armie Hammer
And I told them off
Said these are real people’s lives.
It’s nice to feel like you know where the real people are
On my left thigh are three moles
That go in a diagonal
And on my right, a freckle that completes the line
I always knew that if my body were
chopped up/maimed
I’d recognize those legs
And could welcome them back home
Just wondering, why does my body
Belong to everyone else
As much as it belongs to me? I said jw
It takes a village
Sung rather ominously
Or what about this:
Why can’t I be intimate with men anymore?
And by that I mean I got a tattoo the other day
And the experience made me cry
What about this:
It was not the tattoo that made me cry
But the experience of it all

Sarah Haeckel writes poetry in Brooklyn, NY. Most recently, her work appeared in Metatron Press’s #MicroMeta series. You can find her on Instagram @shexygon.

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