alternate universe for Beverly Marsh by Em Norton

after IT (2017)

there is no such thing as girlhood    just a temptation to starve       but there is no such thing as fathers  either so save your spit    or swallow         you can eat here                 and you can dance in your bra and if something like a man           greedy and slobbering    so much as looks at you i’ll destroy them.

there is no such thing as mirrors. we look like what we look like and cut our hair like jigsaw puzzles      we laugh because nothing matters and everything feels so good. 

here     where we tie red balloons to our fingers with ribbon and do not float   we choose not to float                                    you lay still, freckles blooming, on sunlit rocks and i swear you’re safe and rage   is just a song  the wind sings when it’s cold          really cold           it was never you, bev

it was the wrong place            wrong front door       wrong season. no one wants a friend as badly as he does

being a daughter is winter or whatever is left of it                            it isn’t even the whitest part                   just the crumbs              down the sidewalks, draining                    the snow clumps like hair and heaves itself away in a dangerous mess            and leaves you        a ghost

here you are not just a body / not girl/ not daughter/ not precious baby curls                              you are january embers falling igniting                        
 you came first 

you survive the longest.

Em Norton is a poet from Toronto. You can find Em on Twitter @_emnorton and read more at

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