I have told you this before.
There are no beginnings
to be found here. Here,
there are only reflections
of birdsong in passing wind,
only layers of ash in place of
sky. Should your body unravel,
it will do so in layers.
Be sure to catch the bones
as they fall. Stop waiting for signs.
That is to say, stop listening
for blood. You must understand
that this is what it means
to swallow the remains
of hurricane. To elegize a body
no longer yours. Remember
that before you were a girl,
you were a prayer, a hymn.
Remember this: in the absence
of light, search for beginnings.

Elane Kim is a high school student based in California. The editor-in-chief of Gaia Lit, she enjoys chemistry and rainy days. Her writing has been recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, and can be found in Rust + Moth and MORIA, among others. She is very happy to meet you!

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