Some Fears by Skye Wilson

Cockroaches / getting pregnant / never having children / menstrual cups / hanging up
without saying I love you seconds before someone dies / my dad crashing on his way to
pick me up from the station / my train crashing, blood and bones and tangled hair left
on the tracks / sloths and their strange hands / dark alleys / anger / being in love / not
being in love / bleeding fists / my screams being silent / cafetières / easing the plunger
in for it to shatter / boiling glass and coffee in my skin / the feeling of a burn spreading
/ the sizzling cold when I hold red wrist under icy water / the concept of sloths moving
quickly / being unliveable with / that my favourite stuffed toy is sentient and resents me
for putting him through the washing machine / drowning / being dragged under /
drowning inches from the surface, sunlight in my bulging eyes / not finding a town that
feels like home / having a spotty chin until I die / growing old / not growing old / never
finding jeans that really fit /

Skye Wilson is a glittery, rugby-playing feminist from Scotland. She has just completed her MSc in Creative Writing at Edinburgh University. Her poetry is published in Another New Calligraphy and From Arthur’s Seat, among others. Skye loves ugly shirts and poems about womanhood, hope, and belonging. You can find her work at

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