Purple Devil Emoji by Trevor Eichenberger

HornyTopNow proposes a sexorcism
            in your DMs when he writes:

let me fuck the hell out of you

He must think his penis is God’s
            gift if he can save you from damnation,

but you don’t believe him.
            You’re atheist

& to you, angels are just
            a slutty Halloween costume.

If there is a devil, you know,
            it’s your own goddamn loneliness. 

Trevor Eichenberger is a queer Midwestern writer. He is currently enrolled at Nebraska Wesleyan University where he is pursuing a BA in English. His work has been featured in Allegory Ridge, Impossible Archetype, Anti-Heroin Chic,and elsewhere. He enjoys Cranberry Vodkas and listening to Lana Del Rey. You can find him on Instagram at Eichenbergertrevor and on Grindr.

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