Reverend K.F. Lord Reveals The Spectre Of Newby Church, 1963

only room in my body
for so much belief

not altar nor apparition
but avarice, but all humanity

in a slow slide down. living 
in an indifferent place

i cannot imagine the sky
also governed by neglect.

if there is a god, where 
is the lightning with my name?

if there are ghosts,
why have none of them come?

Cassandra de Alba is a poet living in Massachusetts. Her chapbooks habitats (Horse Less Press, 2016) and ORB (Reality Hands, 2018) are about deer and the moon, respectively, and Ugly/Sad was released by Glass Poetry Press in January 2020. She is a co-host at the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge and an associate editor at Pizza Pi Press. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @cassandraintroy. 

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