daughter, sister, & friend.
A boy. fragmented.
Creation of Adam, dropped.
A fresco shatter some kind of Picasso.

Where there was man there is blank space, turned inward.
Nebraskan trailer, I don’t belong here.
My mother calls me by a different name,
speaking suddenly
let’s go see the doctor dear.

Tom & John are
swell fellows, I think.
Right name, they say and
nobody can tell me apart.

The cat’s out of the bag.
I’m under the bed,
bang bang
it is very cold christmas lights are twinkling
this twilight is sharp and then blackness.

Mason Pierce is a Portland law student, trans man, and part-time poet. He lives in the city with his fianceé and two cats. In both academics and art, Mason is passionate about pursuing better representation for trans & queer folks. His poetry has been published in anthologies such as Pathos and the Glass Kite Anthology. His academic writing has received awards and been presented at the Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature.