“They told us we could  chase any dream 
And then we died in our sleep” – Sadistik
Somewhere in a dark room
I tuck my face into the seams of my torn shoes;
The world is a body of two hundred miens:
Each one is a metaphor for foisted entropy-
Spectrums of mirages in the face of a broken mirror.
Boy,your body is the playground of
black butterflies perching on static swings.
Do you know what it means to seek God’s eyes in sultry rings
 in the dark bends of your heart
Or seeking a diffusing miracle?
Silence is the tapestry of a dark room: entropic raiment over you. your body,
the hoary coffer of suicide notes.

Agunbiade Kehinde is a 19-year old Nigerian writer, literati and budding journalist who writes from the ancient city of Ibadan.  His creative works have featured and forthcoming in African Writer, Kalahari Review, LittleRose Magazine, BarnHouse and others.


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