you hear laurel I hear yanny
you hear vinyl I hear caliper
you hear sodom I hear I hate your best friend more than you hate my best friend
you hear breeding ground I hear dumbell
you hear sodden I hear danube
you hear liminal I hear plug it
you hear pencil I hear number hell
you hear gusto I hear mister
you hear anubis I hear padlock
you hear tony hawk underground I hear builders
you hear monsoon I hear stuckage
we both hear idoru
you hear poppy seed I hear c’est la titty
you hear trimmer I hear nuzlocke
you hear time belt I hear polyp
you hear zipper I hear proprietary
you hear sex I can’t hear sex
you hear escape I hear nut shack
you hear snooze I hear a synthesizer at the bottom of a lake
you hear desiccate I hear muffintop
you hear eyeball I hear palm tree
we both hear diagon alley
you hear your earliest memory I hear concrete
you hear that’s what it was like during the depression I hear hitachi
you hear manipulation I hear helmet
you hear dog ascension I hear teardrop
you hear alfred I hear jester
you hear the number 27 I hear poppy seed
you hear barthuba I hear giant houses
you hear helpless I hear gourmand
you hear sephora I hear scholarship
you don’t want to talk about it I hear emboss
you hear gauze I hear window
you hear ghoulish I hear titique
you hear glass bleads falling on black ice I hear grease
you hear lamp I hear predictable
you hear bomberman I hear corruption fetish
you hear shameless I hear nuzzle
you hear felon I hear skeleton money
you hear invisible I hear maiden
you hear screwdriver I hear cigarette
you hear narcolepsy I hear kissing
you hear auvers I hear kitchenette
you hear cumslut I hear cocktail
you hear caesar I keep getting smaller
we both hear ghost ship
you hear lease I hear fisheye
you hear void entrance I hear uboa
you hear flashlight I hear cereal prize
you hear social I hear kurnig
you hear nirvana I hear interpellate
you hear yung phantom I hear my earliest memory
you hear windchime I hear urn
you hear optical I hear cellophane
you hear ceiling I hear pikmin
you hear that could be our thing what do you think I’m talking
two young lovers and half-priced drinks I hear eclipse
you hear division I hear broomstick
you hear mooncore I hear sibyl
you hear tectonic I can’t hear anything
we both hear wasteland
you hear bluetooth I hear hallway
you hear melody I hear huffer
you hear marginal I hear stairway
we both hear train station
you hear graduated I hear pillow balloon
you hear pimple I hear converter
you hear boneyard I hear reset button
you hear upstream but I still hear wasteland


Victor Shaw is an undergrad at Wayne State University over in Detroit. He is also one of the Kelly-Hopkinsville goblins. Some of his poetry can be found in Occulum, Philosophical Idiot, and the Wayne Literary Review. You can give Victor lifeblood validation on twitter @pajamashaw.