a glass of wine under starlight. well not starlight but LED feels the same. a glass of wine tastes like rubbing alcohol. i don’t tell you. i swallow. cheers. we are growing. glowing. how many years older are we. enough to pour out our insides and realize we’re in your house. house not bedroom. you have more space. i’m still too young to drink but close enough. still too young but old enough for you to let me. we drink. think. soon. soon we can dance together. like the best friends in movies. music. hearts pounding. enthralled with being young. soon we can take our friendship downtown. kiss boys and girls and laugh about it. wake up. your cat purring. heads aching. mom not down the hall to bring us water. i will. cause i’m the little one. i will. i don’t mind. a glass of water looking out the window in your kitchen. you have your own kitchen. i think. maybe. we should make pancakes. i think. this. this is what i’ve been waiting for.

Em Norton is a poet from Toronto. You can find Em on Twitter @_emnorton and read more at