but i too wish to be the catcher in the rye
when i grow up. and by that i mean i want
to protect everyone that is not me
want to place everyone else in a bubble
away from brokenness. by this i mean
that the world is broken and so am i,
and i want you to stay
whole and laughing and happy.
i just want you, and you, and everyone
to be at ease. to hold your hand,
carry you home, become your home or
at least someone you might call sometime.
i’d like to be a heartbeat you recognize
instead of someone fading into your past histories, the feeling of me  sinking into
your bedpost. i want to save the world
and you just want to survive. and i can’t pretend that i don’t want to save you,
you would never let me and we both know
that i would try until i broke.


Annie is from a small Rhode Island town no one has ever heard of and likes to drive elsewhere as often as she can. She’s an overly caffeinated retail store minion who wants to save the world one day, or at least try.