It’s the middle of summer now,
but nothing has changed, I
attend funerals like they’re
parties, receive bad news like
they’re just the rent I pay for
living, look cancer in the face
and then look away—being alive
isn’t as much fun when you
know what awaits you at the
end, being alive isn’t as much
fun when all the people you
know are on the other side of
the grave, it’s the middle of
the summer now, and the
sun glares at the earth with a
passion everyone feels, the
scorching heat hits my back,
burns me to shreds, but nothing
has changed—no matter what
season it is, I’m still burying the
dead, still unable to move on.

Anisha Drall is a high school student living in Gurgaon, India. She likes to read novels, poetry and Tumblr text posts. Previously published in Germ Magazine, her work is also forthcoming in an anthology titled DISQUIET: Murmurs from the Faultlines. Find her at her blog:, or on Instagram: @inchoatee / @anishadrall.