Drive me drunk in your heart-shaped glasses and
we can forget about who we were or when
about the hurt we chewed on  the lives we left before
we decided to be mindless because thinking
Never got us anywhere kind

Cross my heart to believe you’re who you never were
and you try your best to think I’m who I said since
In the end there is no difference between am and was
will be and could never   left alone with more time than
We can burn through before we’re stranded in Is

Blow me a kiss and pinkie swear that for once we
Weren’t monsters, love struck animals reaching
Promising to be only the only we never could but
wanting to write it true  be the other half who we
Never met, but always felt   hollowed aching

Michael Wayne Hampton is the author of three books, and his work has appeared in numerous publications such as decomP, McSweeney’s, and Atticus Review. He can be reached via his website or on Twitter at @motelheartache.