I think, deep down,
everyone wants someone
who looks at them
the way Beyoncé sings
Love on Top.

I mean, there’s just something
about how the key
to a melody could change
so many times
over the course of
so many minutes,
so many years,
so many lifetimes,
and it’s still the same song,
so much so
that even if you stood in the mouth of
deaf and blind,
you could still find them,
and you would still know

all the words.

 Daniel Garcia is a writer and poet based out in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He is currently pursuing his degree in creative writing, and goes to church frequently—and by church he means poetry slams. His work has been featured at the a number of colleges and universities, Write About Now Poetry, SlamFind, SUGAR Magazine, Dragonfly Arts Magazine, Rathalla Review and is forthcoming in the Fem. When he isn’t writing or slamming, Daniel can be found giving as many hugs as possible, living by the words, “You are all that you have,” and falling off the edge of the Earth.