move to miami
move to new york
become a buddhist
really learn how to do my eye makeup
start doing angel dust
stop doing angel dust
dangle from a rooftop like emma stone in birdman
start running
stop eating
listen when people tell me they don’t want me to love them
torture instead of being tortured
tattoo baby’s breath over all my scars
get contacts
get cancer
get pregnant and keep it
push the knife in harder
be a slut
ask for what i want
don’t speak at all
fall in love with my body bloated
never look at myself again
date someone famous
worship anyone
bleed freely
give myself over to the i ching
invest in the stock market
assassinate woody allen
pierce my bellybutton
pull a d.b. cooper
run for office
really become a witch
slow dance with a serial killer
drown like natalie wood
drown like virginia woolf
take antidepressants
dig a hole to the center of the earth
lose a limb to fireworks
adopt a lot of cats
allow for indulgences
fake my death
only listen to women from now on


Madeline Kennedy lives in Chicago, IL, where she over-prepares, under-sleeps, and gazes mournfully at the copy of Prince’s Lovesexy hanging on her bathroom wall. She’s currently an intern with Winter Tangerine.