I hope I’m around when an earthquake flips
a tidal wave up toward Tsunami Lanes.
Or when all the TV couples we’ve shipped
get divorced, and whatever remains
is dissected for our viewing pleasure.
If you’re not here for this tragedy we
call an after-party, why come at doors?
All I’m saying is how perfect, to be
destroyed by the thing you were named for. Love,
bowl a game with me and watch the world float
into itself. And then after we’ve shoved
ourselves deep into dark water, boat
down the river in my kayak. Be mine
always. Until we’re breathing in the tide.

Cade Leebron is currently earning her MFA at The Ohio State University, where she serves as an editor at The Journal. She recently founded the magazine Us For President ( Her work has appeared in Electric Literature, Brevity, Day One, The Deaf Poets Society, and elsewhere. She can be found online at, or on Twitter @CadeyLadey


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