find the scrapheap. 1998 hardtop jeep wrangler, lapis blue — more of a dirty yves klein now — but really, any old car works. tear it to pieces. scrap metal of the gods. stack armour on armour on skin. chrome grill on car door on collarbone. shred the passenger seat — remember that? where you stuck your tongue down my mouth and came out sticky, licking honey off your teeth — turn it to sawdust.

bury yourself. six feet under in someone else’s body. emerge in the desert, half human half mad coyote fury, all snarl-spit-jowl-bones. heat to 450º, stick yourself in the oven. bake until bone dry. i’ve done the same.


Steph is a Taiwanese-Canadian high school student. She is a contributor for Ascend Magazine. Aside from writing, she enjoys pretending to be in shape and petitioning for a dog. She tweets @halethos.


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