[12:13AM] revolution is a self-taught language and i’ve always been multilingual.

[1:38AM] some rot can be cut away with a fruit knife.

[6:54AM] most mold cannot.

[7:01AM] pick up. please.

[7:10AM] there will be supermoons and moths with funny names to look forward to someday soon (atlas moth, comet moth, death’s-head hawkmoth, emperor gum moth, the moth that saved me, the moth that killed itself against my lamplight, the moth that made me wish i was avian and transient).

[8:30AM] i remember surviving my stepmother’s scissors when i was nine. i remember smiling during the car ride home.

[10:45AM] dad will be fine, dad will be fine, dad will be fine, dad will be fine, dad will be fine, dad will be fine––

[11:47AM] don’t take him away.

[12:51PM] i haven’t seen dad in four years, but i hope he’s still happy and warm and hopeful.

[1:58PM] i am the stage of grief / decay / malaise that lives among gingivitis, slotted between war-torn teeth, among borders pulled and filled and pulled again.

[2:00PM] there was this scene in Moonlight where all the black+brown kids were rushing each other to get to the waves, and the light was purple+blue evening-color, and the moon sat beached way up in the sky like a fat wad of gum, and the kids screamed and kicked and splashed to somber violins, or something like that, maybe, and for a minute i thought it was the last scene, but life went on and so did the film. i want to live in that scene.

[3:05PM] tomorrow i will cut up some cardboard and write poetry to my country in sharpie.

[4:04PM] tomorrow i will fight and continue fighting.

[6:11PM] vamos a luchar y seguir luchando.


Elisa Luna-Ady is a soft-eyed Chicana from Southern California. Her work has previously appeared or is forthcoming in Cosmonauts Avenue, Spy Kids Review, Noble Gas Quarterly, and elsewhere. She enjoys reading texts on revolution and picking fights with people. She tweets @astronomyhoe.

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