my lover is in my bed
while I      dizzy      peruse

night streets by full moonlight

she tells me       which direction

to walk.             I yield

to a light far outside myself
the quieter the sidewalk the warmer

the rise of baked-days’ heat,

milky and fermented

blue-eyed wolves

gravitating toward June dawns

beckoning at the neck. grant me speed


that I may return in time. that I may

breathe      too      deeply

long hair    golden necks    nectar
of summer furies. chain linked
in retrospect. an unfurled dias to plant

hopeful budding seeds.

                               I breathed in

her disappointment    and

                           made it my own

Erin McIntosh is a writer and actress currently living in Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared and is forthcoming in various journals including Two Serious Ladies, Noble / Gas Qtrly, Hobart, Bone Bouquet, Lavender Review, Cleaver Magazine, Gravel, Hawai’i Review and Vending Machine Press. Visit her at

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