giphy-11rachel (editor in chief) [7:02 PM]
NEW STAFF hello hello so we’re gonna play a get to know you game. i’m gonna run 3 questions past ya, okay?

katie (interviews editor)  [7:08 PM]  
Oh dang I like that a lot

clair (social media manager) [7:08 PM]  
I also like this a lot!

jessie (interviews editor) [7:10 PM]  

rachel (editor in chief) [7:12 PM]
QUESTION 1: why vagabond city?

jessie [7:49 PM]
vagabond city is a kick ass online journal with cool writing and reviews. the art is never short of amazing. the people behind it are pretty cool 🙂 VCL gives a diverse range of writers a platform in the literary world.

clair [7:55 PM]  
because vagabond city means it when they say they wanna publish young creators who are otherwise told they’re “too sensitive” and overemotional. we’ve got a lot of big things to say, and vagabond city treats all of them with respect, enthusiasm, and makes it all look damn beautiful at the same time.


katie [7:57 PM]
I’ve been reading Vagabond City for a while and aside from the work being simply so good, the fact that the magazine stands as an inclusive and accessible space puts it in a whole other realm. As an interview editor I get to bring the voices of incredible artists into such a special space and it’s nothing short of a dream to me.

amanda (poetry editor) [8:04 PM]  
I love vagabond city because the journal has been able to create such a strong and reciprocal community. The writers and editors and everyone who is a part of the magazine are all so interested in finding the most honest and moving work, and also supporting people who put their voices out there, and I’m excited to start reading new poets and contributing to this process.

rachel [8:07 PM]
QUESTION 2: what do you create, and how?

jessie [8:10 PM]
i write poetry. i don’t really think of it as creating, though. it just kind of happens most nights. i also like to press flowers/plants and make collages and i am MOSTLY interested in creating a garden, and i’d like to write a book.

clair [8:12 PM]
i’m a poet. mostly the creating part of that involves me writing notes on my phone at the bus stop or sitting at my kitchen table in pajamas writing lots of stuff that isn’t any good at all. lately this creating involved a lot of huge steps as my book comes out (!!!!!!!!!) next month so being a poet also became incredibly not introverted in that i had to reach out to people to read it & blurb it & buy it. so i’m ready to just sit down and write again for a while ha.


katie [8:15 PM]
 I think my writing process looks a lot like kids asking uncomfortable questions. One time a kid I was babysitting asked me why the sky was blue and at first I was like “so these molecules” but the more I thought about it the more loaded the question was. With writing I usually think of a site of something like love or trauma or memory and pull the strands until I have something as true as I can get it. and a lot of plant references. and no capital letters.

amanda [8:20 PM]
I’m a poet, which is weird to call myself because I just write poetry mostly to make myself feel better and to get over things. I can never force myself to write but I write in spurts- when I’m inspired or a lot of difficult or interesting things are going on with me I can write five or ten poems in a week and then not write anything for months.

amanda [8:22 PM]
I don’t try to force it though because then I usually feel like things aren’t true to me and what I’m trying to convey. I also write a lot on notes on my phone when I’m on the subway or also a lot of times in the half asleep phase right before I pass out at night when my thoughts are clearest.

giphy-20rachel [8:25 PM]
QUESTION 3: what’s the weirdest thing you’re into?

katie [8:27 PM]
my girlfriend thinks it’s funny how much I truly care about graham crackers, so maybe that or alternatively, aquaponics

clair [8:30 PM]
weirdest thing i’m into? um, nutritional yeast? popcorn? i’m incredibly into food bc there are lots of foods i can’t eat… i also really like children’s lit! like picture books. i’m a preschool teacher so i guess that isn’t so weird unless you take it out of context though.

amanda [8:32 PM]
I don’t know if it’s ~weird~ but it’s kind of hilarious- I’m in a huge pop country phase right now, so I’ve been listening to a lot of Keith Urban, Maren Morris, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, etc. Also, another thing that I’ve been getting into/been able to do lately is drink pure apple cider vinegar which is very pungent and also freaks everyone out around me (but the health benefits!!)

amanda [8:35 PM]
And also: I really like popcorn with eggs. If I had a restaurant, I would make egg dishes with popcorn on top.

clair [8:37 PM]
I tried to drink acv but couldn’t stomach it!! I did it for a week. It makes good deodorant though.


jessie [8:40 PM]
i have no idea? if i’m into weird things i probably don’t realize that they are weird. i like to dance with my poodle and touch my hairy legs.

clair [8:41 PM]
@jessie if touching hairy legs is weird then i guess i’ll add that to my answer too

jessie [8:42 PM]
wait yeah all of these “weird things” we like are actually really cool!

katie [8:47 PM]
Yeah I have to get on the legs train

rachel [8:50 PM]
I’m so into hairy body parts so also on board with this. go team!

katie [8:52 PM]
What a crowd honestly


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