15 and she invited me to sleep
over at her place

minimal adult supervision

hours one and two dedicated
to mocking a children’s movie
because we were not children

she let me test drive
her violin, first
string instrument
I ever touched,
told me my instinct
by way of heritage

we traded handwritten
copies of the first
drafts of stories, each
of us curled
up on our own
side of the threshold
of her closet,
reading late into the night

stolen looks,
wondering if we’d fall
asleep that way

but no: we shared
her bed and I woke
to her delivering
a breakfast that she cooked
and we divided


Audrey T. Carroll is a Queens, NYC native whose obsessions include kittens, coffee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Rooster Teeth community. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Fiction International, The Fem, Feminine Inquiry, the A3 Review, and others. Her poetry collection, Queen of Pentacles, is available from Choose the Sword Press. She can be found at http://audreytcarrollwrites.weebly.com and @AudreyTCarroll on Twitter.

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