Vagabond City Interviews Featured Artist Jaexhin

We were scrolling through Instagram one afternoon and being distracted from everything we’re supposed to do as ~millennials~ in the workforce—and then we came across Jaexhin. The first thing that grabbed us about Jaexhin’s work was the color. It was bold, color blocked at times, and the lines were sharp, with shadows creating major play amongst the bright, bright vividness of it all. We loved the faces. We loved the liveliness.

We, in a few words, wanted it.

So we were beyond thrilled to have the chance to chat with Jaexhin herself and to hear from the young illustrator + designer about why she does what she does, what she thinks about what she’s doing, and what she plans to do next.

Yeonnamdong in Seoul

VAGABOND CITY: How did you become involved with the world of art?

JAEXHIN: As a high school student, my major was actually fine art. But I ended up deciding to change my major to fiber art. In general, I am mostly inspired by images and through that inspiration I design patterns and do illustration work with colors.

VAGABOND CITY: What inspires your work?

JAEXHIN: Before I start my work, I take pictures from my daily life or watch my favorite movie or photographs. I get inspiration by all these images and then I start my drawings in my on way. The most important thing I pursue is work to ensure that the impression of colors in my work works very harmoniously so that the work looks refined. So, basically, all of the colors around me inspire me.

yellow hwanny

VAGABOND CITY: Who are your favorite artists?

JAEXHIN: I like the artists who impress their work with colors. Last year there was a exhibition of Mark Rothko, I was very impressed with his works.

VAGABOND CITY: What is your favorite song right now?

JAEXHIN: These days I listen to Dean’s music. He’s such a great singer in Korea. I can’t really pick my favorite music; I like music in which I can hear unique singing methods that really stand out.


VAGABOND CITY: Where do you see your work in 5 years?

JAEXHIN: I want to work with many people in other fields for example, like movie directors or musicians. I want to collaborate with them and create something new.

I’m thinking of designing the album cover for musicians.

VAGABOND CITY: Wow. That sounds super rad! So, how did you become an illustrator?

JAEXHIN: I got started on my illustration work by working on my major (pattern design) works. The transition into illustration went very naturally.

main is bag

VAGABOND CITY: What do you do when you’re not creating art?

JAEXHIN: I meet people or watch movies or design products while I get rest.

VAGABOND CITY: What would you say is next for your work?

JAEXHIN: So far I’ve been drawing my friends characters with illustration mainly, but l’m planning to broaden my work to different topics and ideas.  Maybe I could draw beautiful Seoul city, or increase the number of persons in one frame. I cannot tell exact plans as of now, haha.

hotdog family


Jaexhin is an illustrator and fiber-artist in South Korea. She is 23 and a textile design and fiber-art major at Ewha W. University. Currently, she makes patterns and drawings for fabric items. She wants to become an art director and designer.


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