let it be known,
it is so rare a girl cries wolf.

the trial is so familiar,
so familiar, so familiar
(i am so tired)
i could script it.

‘promising future’ and
‘boy of strong character’ and
‘first-time offence’.

they report his swim times
whilst she drowns

there are needles in her hair and
DNA under his fingernails.

there is the mugshot they forgo in favour
of pressed school photos:
bloodshot wild-haired animal eyes
animal eyes
animal eyes

let it be known,
the girl does not cry wolf,
nor the boy,
for the boy cannot call himself.


Makenzi Miller (they/them + she/her) is a fifteen year-old writer and activist currently based in Edmonton, Alberta. A debut pamphlet of her poems is to be released by Ghost City Press this August. She can be found on Twitter (@semperinvictas) and on Instagram (@mourningtree).

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