When will I be rich enough to visit Mexico again?
Maybe I should have stayed poor
so I wouldn’t have to hear about your trip to India
between your second and third years of college
and how good the mangoes were
I would rather claw my own ear drums out
than hear you say I have never had a real mango
if I haven’t had one in India
I have had so many mangoes
so fuck you.
I have eaten so many types of fruit
while wondering what will happen when my dad dies
in Mexico- who will call me on the phone
and if I will be able to get a passport for the funeral
I shouldn’t need a passport for a funeral
I should be able to go wherever the fuck I want
whenever I want
for free.


MJ Santiago is a 27 year-old queer, mixed-race Mexican American from central Florida who currently lives in Brooklyn and eats a lot of fruit. Their writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Aegir Magazine, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and No, Dear Magazine. Catch them on tumblr at

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