orange & tealI’m constantly being inspired by color and nature. I love how certain colors interact with each other to create for some really interesting effects visually, and I think that color is the single biggest part in my work. If the colors don’t work, then I don’t feel that my art works at all. There’s not much to my artistic process, I simply use images of ladies who I think are bomb as hell and make them into my own little beings, using nature imagery, pattern, color, whatever I’m feeling works best to convey the messages I’m passionate about. I love Wes Anderson and Tarantino movies the most, because they are so aesthetically pleasing to watch as a visual artist. It’s always so nice to see other artists in other fields doing what they love to do.

 ABBY CARON is a young artist and graphic designer located in northern Texas, and is working towards a BFA in Communication Design at the University of North Texas. Her life consists of making art, loving dogs, drinking coffee, and using her feminism to empower everyone she encounters. She has a passion for living life as simply as possible, and is inspired by the beauty in everyday objects and experiences.
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